z0tl undeleted

i don't think this hell test works anymore... i think everyone gets to be one with jeebas (which makes more sense when you consider the whole forgiveness things, but that's beside the point, i think cuz what i came here to say was)... thought i called z0tl out here before, but apparently not, unless, of course, the grand theft of entries that randomly snatches an entry for no apparently reason caught up with the z0tl entry i thought i put here once upon a time (perhaps i just never called an entry z0tl, aye?)... anyway... look what i found! (yes, that is an authentic exclanation point... got it out of mothballs, dusted it off, and there it is right where it belongs... i don't have many as you may know, so exclaim, dammit!)... it even saved some notes... alas, it did not save all of z0tl nor did it save the older page which is the archive table of content that makes it easier to read, but dozens of z0tl pages were saved so i will make a note to cut and paste them all here, there, or anywhere someday... for now, for your clicking pleasures, with many hundreds missing and many borken links within and in no particular order, here is a smattering of the z0tl:

game over deer methods self-judge alone godlikeness path ant trickster stringz method largeness religionz hibernation hell popularity stingness what if foreal buddha boldness palmolive dig deep the few yutashohei grammys play0n z0tlt0z phonez lady luck woohoot outsskin line googloid truck drool dlandia surprize link whore translation pandaz 360 x 312 raingz d major i'm the fool boatman sleep talk reset palm reading on notes maddozia h2o vacationin steel here alfa soup zstringz rel0cation